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The bikegirl

Have you ever drive a motorcycle? I hadn't. I was driven by others, but never had that pleasure to have my own bike. I love to enjoy the freedom that speed offers, feel the wind on my chest, smell and see the nature I've never seen before. I love that speed you can feel on your skin when your body trembles.
I've always imagined myself driving some cool motorcycle when I become an independent person. But that moment still hadn't come. Regardless of the fact I started googling and looking for some cool looking motorcycle apparel. 

Here are my favorite Helmets

The first two- cool but nothing special. But the last one. The miracle of the helmet. I can not believe something so beautifully exists for women in this kinda men's world. Love the combination of colors and shapes ♥ (you can find more helmets in my opening this link → )

And when it comes to boots. They are really difficult to choose. For the first time on this site, I discover that you actually need to be very careful and picky. 

"Motorcycle boots have a big job to do, because they have to keep you protected from both the elements and from crashes, but also be comfortable and stylish enough to wak or ride in all day. In this article, we tell you everything that goes into making a pair of quality motorcycle boots, and why regular boots just won't cut it for a real rider." by

What To Look For In Motorcycle Boots

6.The fit
7.Armor and protection
(Check what they have said about it on the page → best motorcycle boots)

The outfit I picked for myself:

3 Chic stvari koje nosimo ovog proleća

...Svaka žena treba da je nasmejana, zadovoljna samosvesna.Karakterom je ekstrovertna i znatiželjna, stanovnik je sveta a ne pojedninačnog grada, gleda filmove koji je inspirišu a ne troše vreme. povremeno popije dobar viski, i sa stilom bira vina. . Zabavlja se kada joj je do zabave s ljudima koji mogu da je zabave ili koje ona može da nasmeje...

A ono što će svakako učiniti da se osečate moćno jesu i trendovi za ovo proleće!

1.Krojevi koji istaču figuru

2.Jarke boje (color blocking - umetnost kombinovanja komplementarnih boja)


Ja sam se u ovom postu odlučila za haljinu koja ističe moj struk. Upitanju je košulja-haljina sa zlatnim dugmetima. Nisam zelela da mnogo experimentišem te sam uz nju uklopila krem-crne cipele sa snake printom koji se pruža duž polovine prstiju. Klasična crna torba sa zlatnim detaljima i moj outfit je bio potpun. 
U nekom od narednih postova predložiću neke druge outfit-e sa komadima koji su gore navedeni.

Green dress and flower boots

I know spring started but I want to share one last more-winter-or-fall outfit with you. I wore new cute flower booties and green dress. I'm preparing for you one new Spring Colors outfit for you now, really hope you gonna like it! 

(to open click on the images)


A white shirt is simplest, basic thing we need in our closets. But the unusual shape of it can sometimes be good. I found this off-the-shoulders white shirt on Shein recently. Big cuffs and collar on the shoulders adorn this shirt and make it so, so unique. I just fell in love with it, are you not? 


Shapes and colors

 Hello, dears! Today I'm wearing my new blazer from Shein and the sparkly boots you saw in the older post (Check here is you hadn't). I was super excited for the new pieces I've got.

I know I love to order from Shein. It the safest online shop where I get what you really order. This new blazer is super soft. I absolutely love the colors and the shape. What do you think? Do you like it?


Is a beard sign of masculinity?

Easter women are known as women how like men with big beard. Some of my best friends have boyfriends with a beautiful beard. Even in the old time, people use to speak that men with big beards are strong and manly. Especially Turkish men are known for the big mustache! Tall, hairy, and tan were three adjectives who conjured them.

Lovely Beards : ˝A well-groomed beard is more than just a sign of rugged manliness. It creates a signature look and can even mean the difference between securing your next promotion. To ensure that your beard maintains a well-manicured look, you need to know where to buy beard balm.  Lovely Beards line offers the best beard balm for newcomers and aficionados.˝ 

 I am personally quite modern and love the baby face, not hairy men.
But, for those of you who live hairy men, I would like to recommend the online store my beard friends told me good words about.  is a professional store with sells products for the care of the beard. The very attractive website and cool products are to speak about. 
You can check their oils of balms for you man. Not only his beard will look nicer and softer, it will also smell beautiful. Some of my favorite smells are Mint, Vanilla, and Mandarine.

Check their oils here 
(click on the bottle)

Or their Balms
(click on the pack)

What type of the women are you? Is your man hairy or not? And my dear men, what do you use for your beard if you have it?

Hope to read your opinion soon in comments :)

The biker boots

Sometimes (usually during weekends ) I like to change my strict style with jeans, shirt, and comfortable footwear. 
I was trying for such a long time to find the perfect biker boots for myself but somehow most of them were similar, simple and looked just like most of the biker boots. I wanted to find something I will fell in love for. Something I like so much I want to wear every day.
This pair you see here were that perfect pair! They actually have zircons on the edges! I couldn't believe I could find something like that. The cute little ribbon on the back and sparkly rhinestones on the sole were the main details that this pair of boots differs from others. I just looove them ♥♥♥!
What do you think? Do you like biker boots? 


Women's International Day

First of all my dear ladies , I wish you to spend this day in a most beautiful way. I want to say that I'm really proud that I am I woman. We are strong,brave,smart and independent.  We know what we want and we do everything to make our dreams come true. Every woman on the Earth is gorgeous and her beauty doesn't comes from the shape of her body it comes from sparkle in her eyes and heart! So keep workin' on your dreams until they come true. Live,love and laught every day!
Love you my ladies!
I wanted to share with you the gift my boyfriend made me. It is a protein snakes basket and it looks adorable! I got few protein barbells and healthy Raffelo 💜 Also a cute little pot with violet flower ^_^

How you spend this day?



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