When you woke up on early morning and go shopping

Yesterday  I woke up early take a cup of coffee and porridge and start discussing with my mom about sales and sneakers,so we decided to go for a shopping and spend some time and money together, well we came back a bit disappointed because we couldn't really found something we are "in love with" ,but I bought Reebok grey-pink sneakers  to make a good combo with my new pare of track suit...

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  1. i love destroyed jeans. I hope it will never goes out of fashion.
    I think it's gives you such a eggy look!
    Great review dear!
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    Wish you a great weekend!

    xxx and much love


  2. Cute! What is porridge though? Is that oatmeal? Random question, I know LOL



  3. Wow! Amazaing look!!!:)


  4. ovo ti je npr dobar spoj fotke i outfita - dovoljno si krupna u kadrovima da bi odeca dosla do izrazja, sto je bitno. casual je kombinacija i samim tim odgovara i lokacija. :))

  5. Thanks for your comment!! Lovely blog, I'm already following you!!



  6. That's what comfort looks like.
    Let's follow each other!

  7. I love your jeans, they're perfectly distressed! And sometimes shopping with your mom is the best, even if you don'T find anything you love enough to buy :)

    Thanks for your super sweet comment, so happy to know i have a new follower from across the world! xx


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