Through Rome and Fashion

I spent last week in Italy, one of my favorite countries,I loved it,I can't pick my fave city,each one is special it its own way,different pastas and gelatos,many,many fashion stores,high street fashion girls and more then beautiful architecture are just a few things that I can pick first to describe Italy, they way of living and enjoying in every part of life made me think about how we don't use our time in right way,we are always in hurry not taking time for ourselfs , for cup of coffe in a sun,or for flirting in a street with unknown person.
This is the way I saw Italy,and here are my photos from Rome.


Making a wish... ♥

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  1. Rome is such a beautiful city :)
    Cute outfit!

  2. Love love love your necklace!

    And i'm dreaming of visiting Italy one day, my husband and i are actually planning on going there in May to visit Rome and Tuscany. This post is making me very excited! :)



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