I wore this dress  many times before,but still when I supposed to choose what to wear I pick it easily - I just love how it looks on me and the way it makes me feel- like a real lady. It is not too elegant- but it is elegant enough to go to some wedding but still good for a party , just by changing hairstyle and accessories you change to whole look. I wore it with my new Bata booties , I juse love booties in every color- they look great on jeans but on dress too,just be careful not to make your legs looks shorter then they are ...

Do you have some favorite dress you always pick from all the others?
What are your experiences with booties?

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  1. Oh, I can understand why you wear this dress a lot, it looks superb and GORGEOUS on you!! Brilliant work styling it!! I too have a summer go-to dress, it's white and basically goes with everything! ^^ Great post! ♥

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  2. Amazing dress I think is perfect for everything!
    With love

  3. I quite understand why you wore it so often, it's such a perfect dress and so beautiful. And you rock it girl!!

  4. Love the pois pattern! Just followed you with GFC, hope you will come to take a look to my blog xxx

  5. divine styling!! 
    I adore your style,.
    elegant look!!!

    more of these~!~~!~!


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