I was waiting for such a long time to get thins photos from my best friend birthday party! I must say I had the best time ever, he really made one huge stylish party as a expected from him. He presented his first very own song which he wrote - I can just say it is going to be hit! Enjoy in song
I was trying to find perfect dress for this special occasion  for weeks! It is very hard to find something when you imagine it before going for a search . I wanted a princess shaped mini dress because almost all my dress are following the shape of my body and it is not interesting for me to wear them anymore. On the internet you can find them on almost every online sale but I had a problem to find t in the city, and when I almost gave up i entered last store and there she was,my perfect little black princess dress without back,in only one size- mine! I bought it and when right home to try it with black shoes I bought in Italy and till then still hadn't wear- It looked  to me perfectly!
Let me know your opinion about mine and my friends outfits? 

Photos by Zagorac Photography

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