Orange top

Hello dear readers , 

I'm very sorry for not having enough time to post daily even if I had a material,
I came from Malta in the morning and at night already started my trip to Greece, I still hadn't share with you all the beauty I saw on Malta or even all the clothes I bought there ,but until I take photos of that I'm sharing with you my outfit of one night out in Pefkochori. I hand very nice time in Greece ,I completely relaxed and even get for color :D I love Greek beaches and they can never be compared with rocky ones on Malta.All in all I had good time in Greece I did some shopping and came home. Tomorrow I will share with you some other outfit from there, 
till tomorrow Beba.. 

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  1. Beautiful draped top! The dessert made me hungry :D

  2. That is such a beautiful, flattering top!

    Raissa |

  3. Sjajan top :-)
    S obzirom da mi je narandzasta omiljena boja, mnogo mi se dopada ovaj outfit ! xoxo


  4. I'm loving that orange top. Too cute! Where did you buy?

  5. You look beautiful
    Fabulous outfit dear

    Love Vikee

  6. well I love love love the blouse, now I cant wait to c photos from your trip :)


Thank you for you time