Black sparkle

Hello dolls, 
It was time for me to finally start my writing at blog orderly, and I will keep doing that way from now on.

Yesterday I spent all day out, walking around with good friends which I hand't seen for a while because I was abroad for months, I really missed them,our jokes and talks. I went out wearing my new white boyfriend,ripped jeans, black lace blouse ,new transparent bag and black heels and blazer.This is how it all looks, what do you things dolls? It was a good choice?

13 коментара:

  1. I loved your look!!!! xoxo

  2. That blouse looks really sexy! An amazing choice.. and as you teamed it up with a blazer.. the look is extremely classy. Wow!
    Check out some Indian Ethnic Wear designs over here: Hope you like them too :)

  3. Odlicna kombinacija :-)
    Majica je odlicna ! <3


  4. Super kombinacija , torba mi se posebno sviđa ! :)

  5. Wonderful outfit, I love it :)

  6. Perfect. :) i really like it.:)

    check out my new otfit post. :)


Thank you for you time