Black leather

Hello readers,
 I know I handn't been here for a while but sincerely I was but in some other way - tehnical. I tryed to change as much as I could my blog designe because the old me was too unproffessional and borring and I didn't want to post this new photos on old blog, anyway I also change my blog name as you can see. I thought I lot about doing that and I read many posts by other people talking about good and bad sides of it,and even if there are many bad sides I  decided that this blog really needs a real new fresh start over. So this way I'm inviting you to help me out with it by telling me everything you want to read more about on this blog. I think there are some  parts that I'm missing but I'm still not sure what are they ,except the one which is posting orderly :D and it will be solved  

So for the first post on this blog I'm presenting you some new photos from recent session .We took photos in front of the house for weeding in Nis . I really like wearing black , and sometimes in knows to be taken wrong for other people. In some cultures white is the color for sorrow but for Christians that is black. My opinion about this color is totally different. Black for me means sexy, powerfull ,strong, independent and woren with white its what I call Elegance. "Much means less" is my fist thought when I see black and white combination on someone,I hardly believe that black color is reserved for some occations or "bad mood" people  its just a prejudice for me. What do you think about it? What is you point of view? Do you belive that black is connected with bad things? Ah.. I asked so many questions this time :D hope you don't mind it... :)

Sincerely B.

 I wore :
 Blazer - Orsay
Blouse - Don't know the company :D
Legings - Orsay
Heels - Femisa

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  1. You look awesome xx

  2. Fenomenalno ! :-) xoxo


  3. Nice blog layout! It looks great, as do you!! Awesome outfit.


  4. I knew something was different. I second-guessed myself for a second! lol. But, you're looking gorgeous, & it's always nice to give your blog a bit of a makeover!! (:

    ♥ | | xoxo

  5. black will never be wrong! nice one!!
    I'm following you now, I hope you follow me back^^


  6. Izgledas super i jako mi se dopada sta si obukla i ta mala mesavina koze i nezne bele majcice :)

  7. Blog designs are always tricky and I too get tired of same old blog designs. I
    love your leather pants, amazing styling. Would you like to follow each other
    on GFC, Google+ & Bloglovin? Lemme know & lets keep in touch!


  8. Oh wow - u're such a beauty! & I really like your fashion-style!!! :)

    Lovely greeting from germany :*


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