Peach wide pants and lace top

beba gottel

Hello dolls and happy Sunday,
It is almost end of the day and I just got photos from today's outfit. I'm really glad that it was such a great weather today when we were out on the shooting because I really wanted to share with you my new pants from P.S. Fashion and new lace top from the order I mentioned you before from Dresslink.
It raining right now when I writing you this post and I feel so peaceful because I really used this beautiful day. I  went for a run and came back to do some weight training too, and after that I read a book and prepared for this amazing and very funny shooting :) So all in all I had amazing Sunday. How did you spend this lovely day?

chic look

Wide pants are something I always loved. My mother used to wear them and she is still into them , so she really understand my crazy obsession to buy them.

lace top

p.s. fashion necklace


lace top and wide pants

This white lace top I ordered from Dresslink and it is very cute! I found accidentally on their web it was very cheap but I'm really glad I decided to take it!


Most of my look can be found as always in P.S. Fashion store . Pants ,sunnies and necklace I bought there. I write many times how deeply I'm in love with their collections and ones again I combine their clothes all together.

wide pants
I wore: Top - DRESSLINK , pants - P.S. FASHION, necklace - P.S. FASHION , sunglasses - P.S. FASHION , clutch - OVS 

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  1. You look amazing!

  2. Gorgeous! I love your pants!


  3. Eres muy valiente al combinar ese tipo de prendas :)

  4. Those trousers are amazing! I love this outfit so much, you look great x

  5. Great blog!
    Would you like to support each other by following each other´s blog? ^_^

    Et Omnia Vanitas

  6. Wow, you are so beautiful! :)

  7. You look so lovely and chic! Your necklace is especially lovely.

  8. Always gorgeous Beba!
    I love the wide pants and the cute little lace top makes this look so romantic.
    Sounds like your mom has a great taste in fashion, just like you!

    Kisses and enjoy the new week hun,

    xx Tamara Chloé

  9. you look so classy!
    kisses from Italy

  10. What a lovely outfit. I love the colour combination x


  11. Your outfit is so cute! I love your necklace :) xx

  12. Hi there Beba,

    I’m so happy to find your blog! I love the cool vibe of this look. The necklace is fun and goes great with it!

    I just checked out your blog, and I really like the positive tone of it! I’m now following you…


  13. Ok, I'm officially jealous of you bum! Haha. I really love this outfit, the peach trousers are fantastic. I need to get a bit more creative, I'm very much into simple colours, nothing too bright! I should go a bit crazy, I really want to buy a blue coat !

  14. Great post that white top is so cute. Hope you visit my blog

  15. Preslatka je ogrlica!

  16. You look beautiful
    Gorgeous ensemble

    Love Vikee

  17. You look gorgeous, Beba! Those pants look amazing on you and I love the addition of those sunnies. I hope you had an amazing day!




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