10 Bridesmaid and Prom dresses that can be worn again

So, even if that one day is all about you, doesn't mean you should force your bridesmaids into a frilly, one-time-use outfit. Here are prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses that can be worn again.

Bridesmaid dresses 
Usually, in movies and tv shows where brides pick bridesmaid dresses, the ugliest dress is bridesmaid dress. 27 dresses movie shows that in the best way. But if you are not the bridezilla here are a few dresses you can check out for your bridesmaid.
Long, nude dress, in silhouette shape that can be worn as an evening dress after the wedding.
Knee length dresses in A shape, great for every elegant event.

Prom dresses are dresses for that one special day when you celebrate your finishing of high school and opening one new chapter in your book. Yes, it is a big day when your parents cry and think how fast you have grown up. And you only think how gorgeous you want to be when you show up to a party with your friends. So even all these things are true, think clever, be smart, buy the dress you can use after that. Dress doesn't need to be short and full with zircons to be special. It can be long and elegant, with lace or without any ornaments. Pick some bright color, your favorite color, and be sure to put some smile on your face that is the best why to shine!

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  1. I agree, these can be worn again, all of them are so beautiful.
    Those 27 dresses from the movie that you're mentioning are hideous, aren't they. :)))
    When I have to buy a new dress for an event like a wedding, I always try to buy it in such a way as to be able to wear it again. I don't have a single dress in my wardrobe that I only wore once, I have worn and enjoyed all my dresses more than once, I believe in sustainable fashion.

    Have a great weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria


  2. Great post, I very like it :)

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