How to stay warm this winter

Staying warm in this cold, windy and snowy winter is hard. And staying fashionable and warm looks like a mission impossible.
The thermal insulating value of the clothes is very important. It is all about how well a fabric you are put on can conserve your own body heat. Materials such as silk, wool, and fur are great thermal isolators. You should avoid synthetic fibers.

 Keep on reading and find out which pieces you should get your hands on if you want to stay fashionable, no matter how cold is outside

1.Fur coats (Check them by clicking HERE)
I love fur, faux fur. It is trendy, looks very luxury and it is warm! So here is the website you should check if you like this trend - ZAFUL.

2.OTK boots
Very trendy piece which will save your legs when you wear short dress

3.Sweater dresses
Cozy and cute. Sweater dresses are perfect for daily outfits. Paire them with OTK boots and look fabulous every single day.

[I wore: Fur coat - Zaful (Check here), Dress- Koton, Necklace - Koton, Boots - some store I found on e-bay ]

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