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As a Fashion blogger, I really like to concentrate more on fashion trends and news than on spelling when I write a post. Many bloggers whose native language is not English, deal daily with a problem of wrong spelling or grammar mistakes. So do I.

 Even if I work hard to make good, quality posts for my readers, the biggest problem I have is writing the same Serbian text on English. Somehow I learned the vocabulary and I understand perfectly everything I read but when I start writing a post I catch myself thinking what Tense should I use? Did I write this correctly ???
Have you ever had this problem?

When I discovered "Grammarly" plugin on Chrome, my problems were solved. I can't imagine myself writing something now on English without this plugin.The plugin for Chrome checks my spelling and grammar. I also use their applications for Windows and Microsoft office.  So, my dear bloggers and friends, I can only express how grateful I am and suggest you to install some of them. Trust me - this will help you A LOT!

Thank you for reading and enjoy writing your blog with Grammarly! :)

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  1. Zaista korisna stvar,ja također sve savršeno razumijem,ali kada dođe trenutak da pišem uvijek nešto izostavim,nisu to neke velike greške,ali me baš znaju iznervirati.Divan blog :)
    Minnah's Life

  2. Lovely photos ♡

    Do you wanna follow each other via GFC or Bloglovin? Lemme know ♥
    * Blog de la Licorne *

  3. Oooooh thanks for the tip, I also have constant doubts about grammar ♥


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