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Have you ever drive a motorcycle? I hadn't. I was driven by others, but never had that pleasure to have my own bike. I love to enjoy the freedom that speed offers, feel the wind on my chest, smell and see the nature I've never seen before. I love that speed you can feel on your skin when your body trembles.
I've always imagined myself driving some cool motorcycle when I become an independent person. But that moment still hadn't come. Regardless of the fact I started googling and looking for some cool looking motorcycle apparel. 

Here are my favorite Helmets

The first two- cool but nothing special. But the last one. The miracle of the helmet. I can not believe something so beautifully exists for women in this kinda men's world. Love the combination of colors and shapes ♥ (you can find more helmets in my opening this link → )

And when it comes to boots. They are really difficult to choose. For the first time on this site, I discover that you actually need to be very careful and picky. 

"Motorcycle boots have a big job to do, because they have to keep you protected from both the elements and from crashes, but also be comfortable and stylish enough to wak or ride in all day. In this article, we tell you everything that goes into making a pair of quality motorcycle boots, and why regular boots just won't cut it for a real rider." by

What To Look For In Motorcycle Boots

6.The fit
7.Armor and protection
(Check what they have said about it on the page → best motorcycle boots)

The outfit I picked for myself:

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