Burgundy lace dress

I know it is summer time, but did you ever had that problem when it comes to colours, that you actually want to buy some autumn colour dress even if you know you should be wearing white, yellow or pink?  It happened to me two days ago when I found burgundy lace dress on Zaful.

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Why I choose this dress? The lace is the of the most elegant elements one dress can have, which makes this dress very sophisticated and great for special occasions.  I love the longer back which is made only of the lace. This "A" shape will put the accent on your waist and asymmetric bottom will make the legs look longer.

So to be even worse I found another perfect velvet dress with black lace.

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This dress is perfect for night out. The black lace on the bottom and on the chest area will make you look so sexy and the velvet material is great for pointing out your figure. What I really love about it is its length. This dress will come to the half of the thigh and with some black heels, it will make your legs super hot!

So my dears, should I, or should I not buy them?

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