Sixthreezero’s “Customizer” Allows Shoppers To Design And Build Their Own Cruiser Bike

In the old days, almost everyone bought their bicycles from brick and mortar bike shops.  It was lots of fun walking in and seeing row after row of bikes.  You could walk to the section with men’s beach cruisers and physically touch each bike.  You could ride a few bikes around the store to try them out.  Bike stores always had bike-friendly floors.
What was not so easy in physical bike stores was customizing your bike.  If you wanted even a minor adjustment made to your bike, a store employee would have to physically adjust it.  If you wanted to see how you felt on a different color bike, you would have to wait for someone to get one from the back room or take it down from the rack.  Now the Internet lets you customize bikes in a matter of seconds, before you even buy them.
Sixthreezero’s Online Store
On the sixthreezero website, you can decide many details of your bike before the bike is even shipped to you.  If you are in the market for women’s cruiser bikes, sixthreezero has plenty.  Some even have a three-speed option, which is fairly unusual for cruiser bikes.  Once you choose the bike you want, click on “customize.”  You can then customize the bike’s frame, color, rims, fenders, and seat.  Some of these options are only a matter of changing the color.
Can you imagine how long it would take to try four different colors of fenders on a bike in real life?  It is much simpler to try them out digitally.  It only takes a few seconds to customize your bike on sixthreezero’s website.  Then, it is only a few days before you can show off your new bike on the beach.

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