Why Vintage Watches Make Great Collector’s Items

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Whether you have already begun a vintage watch collection or you are considering doing so, it is a good idea to understand the benefits to owning an elderly time piece.

Think of It as a Classic Car

It must be noted, firstly, that modern and vintage watches, while related, are not interchangeable. Over the years, people have used the analogy of a classic car to explain this concept, and it is one that many watch buyers seem to be able to relate to.

Think of it this way: a modern car will be economical, comfortable, reliable, and will not need much input from the owner. However, a classic, just like a vintage watch, may be in the best condition but, perhaps, a little unreliable, require costly services, and lacking in performance – unless you purchase from a reliable vintage dealer.

More About Vintage Watches

Vintage watches are somewhat similar to classic cars. While owning one is rather more demanding than buying a newer watch, and you will need to make regular adjustments to the mechanics of the watch, it is worth noting that the attention needed is minimal and not as costly as you may think. And, since vintage watches were made to last, with the right upkeep, they can continue to be passed down from generation to generation as a treasured heirloom.

Looking After Your Watch

Another point worth considering is that the luxury watches of bygone days did not come with the technical features that we get today. Prior to the 1950s, there was not much attempt to provide movements with any kind of protection against shock. What’s more, the earlier waterproof casings were not as adequate as we would find today. While this means that you should never take your vintage timepiece even close to water, it also means that upkeep may be easier.

Vintage Watches Truly Are Keepsakes

There is a selection of vintage watches at Kalmar Antiques that were truly designed to be keepsakes. While you may not want to use such a wristwatch as a functional timekeeper these days, know that these watches are made to last.

Vintage watches, just like classic cars, are full or incredible character and, of course, the spirit of age from the era in which they were made. They make for amazing talking points, always sure to attract compliments. In fact, there’s nothing quite like wearing a vintage timepiece knowing that the first owner who wore it may well have been a wealthy World War II veteran, or that is saw the trenches of Somme.

Many people like to create a vintage watch collection where they collect watches from a certain manufacturer or even a certain era. No doubt, you can create a cherished collection to show off to your family and friendly. A vintage wristwatch is the perfect item for anyone who loves beautifully crafted timepieces. Collecting them is a deeply satisfying pursuit.

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