How do you spend your weekend nights?

We all like to have a fun time some days. I work 6 days per week and I'm mostly tired during the week so I don't really have enough energy to go out even for just a cup o coffee. It is mostly because I train each day and I study so I don't have time to chill a bit on daytime. So I try to segregate some night during the week (usually Saturday night) to go out with friends. I usually go for some cocktail where I can actually chill out for a couple of hours or I go to salsa party to dance for a while.I recently started thinking about making some karaoke party at home. I can save myself from going out at -3 degrees or even more and we can have amazing, fun time.Karaoke is a worldwide phenomenon that stretches back to the 1970s. Today, karaoke has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry, stretching far and wide across the globe from the country of its creation, Japan.(So guys you can also make karaoke club if you need some cash, haha)   I discover on which is a website where you can buy professional karaoke system for home, and many other musical instruments. It is a great, well-arranged website which I recommend you if you are looking for some instruments.
Three years ago I started attending classes of salsa, tango and kizomba. Those are three latin seductive dances I fell in love while I was watching "Dirty Dancing" movie, which is actually one of my favourite movies!Years before my "latin" mood I listened to a rock music and went to rock band concerts. One of my best friends played the drums. If I know for this site back then I would definitely buy him double bass pedal suitable for home.

So anyway, what type of the music you listen? How do you spend your Friday and Saturday nights?

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  1. I prefer these day to spend them in my home ;)
    Watch dvd, or with friends, or doing my hobbies.

    I usually listen to mainstream music or greek pop.


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