Be in shape with postpartum belt

How many times you found yourself trying to fit into the bodycon dress and the only thing you saw was your little belly?  Sometimes it comes from overeating, sometimes it is because you gain some weight, some women got it as a postpregnancy belly, but whatever is the reason of it, you should not stop you from wearing sexy, slim dress you always wanted.
I recently got that problem because of the overeating for Christmas and I had the camerawork for days and I needed to wear new, white very tight dress. So I explored the internet and discover some very cool post pregnancy belly wrap I could use for my fat belly.

There are two other types too:  postpartum girdle and postpartum support belt They provide the best gym shape you could ever imagine and they look very attractive under the dress so you won't be a shame if someone special discovers it :) It comes in different colours and design. The most common are black and nude, which are perfect for any type of the dress. You will wear black under the dark dresses such as blue, burgundy, black itself, dark green or similar, and the nude colour is perfect for red, yellow, orange, white and similar dresses which can be partly transparent sometimes. They can also be designed to look very sexy. You might not find girdle as something sexy, but believe me, they are. The got lovely, lace with roses and similar designs you will love! I personally love the black lace and I  already found my favourite belts! Here are my two favourites :)

The good thing which comes with wearing it is not only the shape you will get instantly, it also defences you from diseases you can get while you are pregnant. In that period, woman's body changes a lot and abdominal area deform. 
How to choose the right one?
There is various postpartum girdle, but there are the main categories: the first one is for the special for natural childbirth and the second one is special for cesarean section. 


It depends on you. Each body is different and does not recover at the same speed as other bodies. If you use it just to cover your stomach you can wear it from time to time, but if you use it for medical purposes you can not wear it for a whole day either. The specific usage is to wear it after meals when you empty your bowel movement and take off postpartum belly band after c section when you go to bed. Also, it is not good to wear it very tight, the effect of the belt does not lie in the firmness, in fact, firmness can also cause a problem. The best is to wear it 8 to 10 hours per day.

I frendly recommend you to check their website and products, because you will probably find what you are looking for. Good quality and lovely design♥

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