6 Things To Think About Before You Buy A Loose Diamond

Finding the perfect diamond is definitely not an exact science. Sure, buying a loose diamond, especially for the first time, is thrilling – but it’s anxiety-inducing, too.
To make things a whole lot easier, we’ve put together a guide on what to look for when buying a loose diamond.
1.    The Shape
Diamonds come all sorts of shapes, from square princess to cushion and more. The right shape for you depends on your preferences. You can see some of the very best Sydney diamonds at Australia Diamond Importers.
2.    The Size
The size of a diamond is usually measured in carats. The carat weight doesn’t measure the stone’s physical dimensions, though, so a pair of one carat stones, for example, could well have very different measurements and cuts.
Diamond cutters are allowed to cut a diamond as big as they’re able to so as to maximise weight, or even cut it as beautiful as possible to maximise performance. The trick is finding the perfect balance of cut and carats that works for your requirements and preferences.
Size may matter, sure, but bigger doesn’t always mean better for diamonds. Picking the right size depends on your budget, jewellery style, and the trade-off between the rest of the 4 C’s.
3.    The Colour
The colour of a diamond is determined when it is formed. Those with less colour are rarer and more valuable. Stones with a faint colour can be just as stunning when partnered with the right metal and setting.
The difference between the colour grades tends to be very slight to the naked eye. A diamond that has been well cut may look like it has a higher colour grade than it really does.
4.    The Clarity
Clarity refers to how many inherent characteristics (inclusions) that appear in the diamond. An increase in clarity means a rarer diamond and therefore a higher value. It’s extremely rare to come across a flawless diamond, but diamonds don’t have to be flawless to be breath-taking.
When choosing clarity, compare and examine diamonds just with your naked eye. Lower clarity stones can be just as gorgeous if set correctly.
5.    See the Diamonds in Person
The 4 C’s of diamonds offer a basic understanding of stones. Use them as a starting point when you’re buying loose diamonds. One of the best ways to be sure about your choice of diamonds is to learn as much as you can and to trust your eyes. Remember, if the diamond is for a ring, she’s not going to wear the certificate on her finger – it’s going to be a gorgeous diamond.
6.    Don’t Forget about Cut
Cut has the most impact on the beauty of a diamond. Keep in mind that the cut grade on your diamond certificate don’t really tell an entire story. The only way to completely understand the cut is, again, to see the difference in person.

Take note of the factors we’ve discussed if you’re planning to purchase loose diamonds.

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