Makeup Trends For 2018

If you liked glitter trends, you will love 2018! Gold highlighter, glittery glosses, and stark-black eyeliner are going to be your makeup MVPs in 2018. 

1. Black Eyeliner & Cat-Eye Flick

First place will definitely take edgy 'thumb print'eyeliner look. So if you hadn't prepared your makeup tools yet you better go shopping right now! Good, quality eyeliner which will last long is what you are going to need this year! Trace it thick around both lashlines, wing it out at a dramatic angle, or create graphic shapes with it—just don't trace a thin line above your lashes and call it a day.

2. The New Glitter

Rhinestones are the new way to wear the sparkly stuff, adhered on your eyelids and around your eyes using lash glue. It takes a little patience, but the statement-making payoff is worth it.
To keep your rhinestones, gems and glitter all to together not to get loose you better get some makeup bag :)

3.Everything is Gold
Rihanna did not invent gold makeup, but she did invent the gold highlighter you're going to see everywhere for the next million-or-so years - they say from Harpers Bazaar.You can find some golden eyeshadow online on Zaful
Click to find in shop
Click to find in shop

4.Glitter glow

Big makeup moment in 2018 will be the ultra-highlighted skin! Like the second - gems moment is not enough of sparkliness. The glowier, the better. Use fan makeup brush to apply the highlighter on T-zone, cheeks, brow bone and lips. 

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5. Metallic 
 Metallic makeup in all shades and finished will continue in 2018.  If you hadn't try in yet start slow, if you’re not quite ready to dive right into metallic makeup, start off with something simple. Replace your go-to black liner with a pigmented gold or silver one. Whether you’re featuring metallic shades on your eyes or on your lips, you want to keep the rest of your look fairly simple. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little extra shimmer to your skin in the form of highlighter, just keep in mind that balance is key!  

6.Thick lashes
Retro clumpy lashes made a comeback. These aren't quite as dramatic as Twiggy lashes, but they do require layers of mascara and a few well-placed lashes. They appear on Christian Dior spring show 2018.

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