Mistakes Easily Made By Men Buying Engagement Rings

Most men don’t enjoy shopping, and shopping for jewellery will probably rank low on the average guy’s lists of purchasing preferences. A man brave enough to take on the task of buying his fiancée’s engagement ring is well advised to avoid making mistakes by following these guidelines.

Give yourself time to choose wisely.

You have a lot of things to consider, don’t rush into a decision on your partner’s engagement ring. The ring’s price is determined by its precious metals, stones, and style. If you don’t leave yourself time to consider these factors, you could be pressured into buying something you aren’t entirely happy with – and if you have misgivings about it, she’s likely to too.

Get the right style.

Don’t think all engagement rings are the same.  There are a large number of classic designs and every season sees a new range of modern styles on offer. Observe the kinds of shapes and colours of precious metal your intended favours.  If she largely wears silver, consider white gold or platinum for your engagement ring; if she favours yellow or rose gold, don’t opt for platinum. Modern styles are stunning, but fashion changes and is dated all too quickly. This ring needs to look good for a lifetime.

Get the size right.  

“Borrow” one of her rings on the quiet (be sure it’s one she wears on her ring finger), and get it sized so you don’t have to have the ring re-sized later – this is awkward, inconvenient, and can be difficult (and potentially costly) if the ring is set with supporting stones.

Have a realistic budget in mind.
Your engagement ring is arguably the most important jewellery purchase you’ll make, but it needn’t be the dearest. Traditionally, two months of salary is the rule of thumb for an engagement ring, but this isn’t set in stone. Look around and get an idea of average prices and don’t be frightened to let jewellers know your budget – they want you to be happy, and they know you’ll be likelier to return to them for wedding bands if they meet your requirements for the engagement ring.

Find out about diamonds.

Natural diamonds are unique and their quality is assessed according to their carat, colour, clarity, and cut (the four Cs), do some research on this so you aren’t at a loss when talking to a jeweller. Visit reputable jewellers like Ringleaders who stock the best range of engagement rings in Brisbane. The classic engagement ring is a solitaire set in a prong mount. Clever marketing has made single carat diamonds the stones of choice, but they needn’t be. You’ll be surprised at the difference in price between a one carat diamond, and a diamond ever so slightly smaller.

Consider the ring’s future companion pieces.

The engagement ring will, eventually, be worn next to a wedding ring, and you will likely wear a wedding band yourself. In time, these may be joined by an eternity ring. Do consider these future gems when choosing the engagement ring. Look for styles it which will complement your wedding sets and show them off harmoniously. Hand size will also be a factor here; so be realistic and estimate whether your future bride’s finger will accommodate two more rings comfortably and elegantly. And don’t forget it should match or complement your wedding ring.

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