Exploring The Blue Mountains

One of the best ways to explore the natural beauty of Blue Mountains is by air, and a helicopter tour will give you an excellent perspective of this. Many tour companies that are operating are based in Sydney, so other than getting a majestic view of the Blue Mountains, you will also get to take in the modern cityscape of Sydney by air, including the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. From the moment you are collected from your accommodation, you will be well looked after and taken care of to make sure that you are entirely comfortable and that you are enjoying the experience.

A Typical Itinerary For A Helicopter Tour Of The Blue Mountains

When you book in a tour of the Blue Mountains, the company will also include transport to and from the Heliport. Once you arrive at the Heliport, you will be welcomed to the private lounge where you will enjoy complimentary drinks before you embark on your adventure. When you are ready, you will be escorted to the helicopter and shown how to use the safety harness correctly. Once you are all strapped in and prepared with your headsets on, it is time to take off and start your adventure.

Excellent Opportunities For Pictures On Your Helicopter Tour

As you leave Sydney, you will fly over Botany Bay and head west towards the Blue Mountains. Most Blue Mountains tours will follow similar routes and take the same paths through Sydney and up to the mountains, it will take roughly around a 90-minute round trip, and along the way, you will enjoy spectacular scenery, beautiful coastal houses, as well as the majestic Blue Mountains themselves. You will want to ensure that you take a camera with you on your tour as there will be countless opportunities for excellent pictures along the way.

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are about 50 kilometres West of Sydney, and they are made up of sandstone bedrock. They rise from the ground covered in beautiful vegetation. Many eucalyptus trees are covering the mountains, as well as other types of flora and fauna. With some of the drastic contrasts in the landscape, you are sure to get some excellent pictures during your trip.

Heading Back To Sydney

Once you have circled Katoomba you will start heading back towards Sydney, but there are just as many photo opportunities on the way back as there are on the way there. When you get to Sydney, you will come in over Sydney Harbour and get to experience a bird’s eye view of famous landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Once you land safely back at the heliport, there will be a chance to have your picture taken with the pilot and the aircraft, before you get to enjoy your ride back to your accommodation.

The total length of the trip is about 90 minutes, but rest assured that those 90 minutes will be among the most memorable moments of your life!

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