Wedding Anniversary Gifts For The First 12 Years

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The tradition of giving certain gifts on certain wedding anniversaries dates all the way back to the Middle Ages. Over the years, the lift of gift ideas seems to have evolved to meet more modern standards. While many couples like to come up with unique ideas each year, sometimes it can be fun to follow tradition. Below, we look at some traditional and modern anniversary gift ideas.
Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
1.    The First Anniversary
The traditional gift for a first wedding anniversary is paper, but today sees many couples gifting each other clocks, or event smart TVs for your next date night movie.
2.    The Second Anniversary
For year number two, cotton is traditional but today, many couples give each other china.
3.    Third Anniversary
Leather is the traditional gift for year number three, but modern couples opt for crystal. If you really want to spoil your beloved, The Diamond Jewellery Studio has unique pink diamonds that will make her smile.
4.    Fourth Anniversary
Flowers or fruit are most traditional on your 4th anniversary, but today’s couple prefer appliances, like a fancy espresso machine or handy robotic vacuum.
5.    Fifth Anniversary
If you make it to your fifth wedding anniversary and want a traditional gift, go for something made of wood. For a more modern twist, choose keepsake silverware.
6.    Sixth Anniversary
Iron or candy are most traditional for a sixth wedding anniversary, but today’s couples actually choose wood, such as a personalised wooden cutting board or decoration for the home.
7.    Seventh Anniversary
Copper or wool were the order of the day a long time ago, but today it could be anything from a desk set to a juicer.
8.    Eighth Anniversary
Pottery or bronze are the most traditional options for year number eight, but modern couples tend to choose lace or linens to celebrate this milestone.
9.    Ninth Anniversary
Beautiful, bespoke pottery was the traditional gift for a ninth anniversary, and it still could be. Why not surprise your beloved with a beautiful piece of pottery and a lovely piece of jewellery hidden inside?
10. Tenth Wedding Anniversary
Aluminium or tin were the most traditional options for a tenth wedding anniversary, but today it’s diamond jewellery, like a rare pink diamond or gorgeous diamond bracelet.
11. Eleventh Anniversary
While steel items were once the order of the day, today’s couples go for items like fashion jewellery in silver or stainless steel for men.
12. Twelfth Anniversary
For year number 12, couples used to gift one another linen or silk, but today, it’s about gorgeous pearls that can be paired with just about anything.

No matter which milestone you and your other half may be celebrating, it’s always nice to choose a gift that represents your marriage, your relationship and your wedding anniversary. Whether it’s something completely bespoke or a gesture of your love, you don’t have to stick to tradition when picking the perfect present.

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