Add Pizazz To Your Outfit With Art Deco Jewellery

It was during the roaring twenties that we were introduced to gorgeous art deco jewellery. The style manifested from Paris and quickly spread across the globe. Today, the iconic style still commands an influence of jewellery designs.

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Art deco, to say the least, is attention-grabbing with its straight lines and bright colours.
The use of motifs and geometric forms sustain that 20th century essence but today we also find
modern and trendy touches.

Art Deco Jewellery For Casual Wear

Art deco’s geometric design and clean lines lend this type of jeweller perfectly to casual wear.
A pair of gold earrings with concentric circles paired with casual pants or jeans and a top make for
just the right amount of chic glamour. Consider antique engagement rings at Kalmar Antiques
for the perfect pairing.

For Cocktail Parties

We often find that art deco pieces combine edgy designs with glittering diamonds to create a very
distinctive accessory. You can jazz up your fashion style with danglers stacked with tennis bracelets
and take advantage of sharp lines and accents to really stand out at your next swanky event.

Need more inspiration on how to wear art deco jewellery? Here are our top tips.

Statement Rings

Statement rings complete with art deco vibes are fantastic if you want to achieve a modern art deco look.
You can wear them with bohemian outfits, or chic outfits, these rings are highly versatile.

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The geometric shapes, detailed designs and sort of Egyptian elements make these rings unique.
Pair them with other vintage looking pieces like a necklace or bracelet and combine different fashion
styles for a truly unique look.

Statement Necklaces

Many people like to wear art deco pieces in a modern way.
These contemporary pieces are truly a treasure in your jewellery box.
They boast unique and special appearance and are sure to make any ordinary outfit look more fashionable.
Statement necklaces work for all occasions. You can wear them to work, to important meetings, cultural
events or just a family BBQ. Best of all, these pieces suit women of all ages and fashion styles.

Statement Bracelets

In you find an antique or vintage inspired statement bracelet, if may well be from the art deco era.
What’s more, many art deco pieces are inspired from the likes of American Indian, Egyptian,
African and Mesopotamian cultures.

The mix of different inspirations are exactly what makes art deco bracelets so unique.
They can instantly make your overall look more interesting and eye-catching and they truly make for excellent
conversation starters.

The bold colours are also a big feature from the art deco period. It’s the perfect way to add another pop of
colour to your outfit, making you look fashionable and unique.

Art Deco Rings

As we’ve mentioned even the most modern and fashionable jewellery can be found to have art deco elements.
For instance, a stack of delicate rings with little details takes us right back to the 1920s or 1930s.

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Stacked contemporary rings can indeed look vintage, making them perfect for an early 20th century style.
You can wear them with your work outfits, or even casually for a little something special.

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