Why Should You Choose Bridal Sets For Wedding Jewellery

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Ever considered getting a bridal set for your wedding jewellery? If you are unfamiliar with the term, a bridal set refers to the engagement ring and wedding rings when worn together. It is also popularly referred to as “the easy choice” for many couples deciding on wedding jewellery, especially for the men.

The bridal set is also sometimes referred to as a wedding set although there is a significant difference between the two when referred to by jewellers. In the jewellery industry, a bridal set consists of the engagement ring and a matching wedding band for the bride. On the other hand, a wedding set comprises of the engagement ring and matching wedding bands for the couple.

Many grooms-to-be find wedding sets and bridal sets very appealing, and for a number of good reasons too. Here are three straightforward reasons why these bridal jewellery sets are great choice for brides- and grooms-to-be:

1. Savings

Probably the most convincing reason for buying a bridal set is its practicality and convenience. Instead of spending for two separate rings and shopping twice, opting for a bridal set can save you money as this is usually considered as one purchase by jewellers. Many jewellers tend to offer great deals on bridal sets. The diamonds for sale at The Diamond Jewellery Studio can be among your cost-saving choices.

2. Minimizes risks for mismatch.

Even if you buy an engagement ring that specifically matches your wedding bands, it may be difficult to achieve the harmonic look offered by a bridal set, which is designed to incorporate both rings into one piece of jewellery. The uniform look is highly-desirable for majority of brides.          

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So, for practicality and aesthetic purposes, specifically to eliminate the possibility of choosing rings that do not match, whether in styles, shapes, proportion, and the metals used, many couples go for bridal sets.

·         Mismatched styles. There are numerous styles for engagement rings, ranging from the classic styles (Three Stone, Solitaire, Bezel, and Pave), to the vintage styles (Art Deco, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and Baroque), and to the modern and alternative styles (free-form, geometric, and minimal rings). To find a wedding band that matches the style of the engagement ring is a challenge that you take on when you forego the bridal set option.

·         Mismatched shapes. Diamonds and other precious gemstones can be cut to certain shapes to achieve a desired look. However, there are shapes that look good on your engagement ring but do not go well with the wedding bands. For example, a tear-shaped diamond’s pointy end could interfere with the wedding band while some wedding band shapes can interfere with the stones on the engagement ring, which could chip it or break it.

·         Mismatched proportion. A big engagement ring can look good on your finger but big wedding bands could look awkward. Some engagement rings can be too big or too small when paired with wedding rings but this problem is solved by purchasing jewellery sets.

·         Mismatched metals. Unbeknownst to many, the difference in metals is a big deal. The different metal strengths can be harmful to the other, such as platinum scratching white gold. It is also possible that the finish on one ring can make the other ring look dull.

3. Comfort.

For brides, you might need some time to get used to wearing your engagement ring with your wedding ring. Some difficulties include when an engagement ring moves or shifts or when a wedding band turns.

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Since a bridal set is worn as one jewellery piece, it is deemed more comfortable and easier to wear by many brides.  

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