Shoes are a girl's best friend. I’ve got an entire closet full of high heels of different shapes, colors, and heights. I often buy heels on a whim but never keep them in the closet unused. I try to find a place and a situation for all my darling shoes to be worn. Some of them are quite uncomfortable and not suited for walking more than 10 meters at a time before the cuts on my toes make me bleed dry. But there is a place and a time for such shoes as well. Like the office because there I don’t need to walk further than the kitchen.

 And then there are those ultimate shoes that are both amazingly beautiful and classic, and also so comfortable that they can be worn for an entire day without any issue - those heels can be found on UP2STEP.(https://up2step.com/)


 UP2STEP is a website that sells amazing, luxury shoes a follows the steps of fashion. You can find there amazing pumps, sandals, boots and flats. As you already might know Heeled Mules are super popular this summer and UP2STEP got so many models available online. 

I personally like the most those three models above.

Another amazing trend is Clear Mules shoes. Sandals with clear mules give you an original and non-conformist look. Both the straps and the heel can be transparent, and the effect obtained is very interesting. They are a great way to upgrade any outfit. You can match them perfectly with casual summer dresses, but they also fit perfectly with your beach outfits.

I'm in love with their shoes, what do you think?

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