Sunny day

Hello my dears,I hadn`t recently post anything because I had some tehnical problem,but yet I worked and took a lot of outfits photos  that I must show you.I Will start with this one because this is my favorite.I had great morning with my sister ,it was sunny and hot weather like it is not still Oktober , I wore my pink blazer and jeans,it look chic but still classy and elegant,I cant belive eather way but I took me only 5 or 6 minutes to make this combo but I felt great on it...was it sun,was it fashion ,or my sister responsable for my mood I am not sure- but I felt amazing ...

What I wore:
blazer- New Yorker
jeans- H&M
boots- Bata
top- H&M
belt- Orsay
bag- Glam up

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  1. ja imam samo jednu sugestiju-da slike budu vece:-)

    a i da ne moram da dokazujem da nisam robot (ovo sam naknadno dodala:-)

  2. You felt amazing, and you looked amazing :)

  3. Odlican outfit ! :-)
    Da li hoces da se pratimo ??
    Pratim te na GFC :-*

    Poseti moj blog

  4. sako je prelep :)


Thank you for you time