Sweet summer night

Hey dolls,
I'm counting my days in Serbia and packing my bags for Malta. I'm more then excited, I will be there for two
months,two very "sale,sale" months for regeneration of my wardrobe ,and not only my wardrobe ,my mind too. I'm now on a budget of Electronic college so I can relax and stop studying for few months,and I can fully dedicate myself to my blog and my boyfriend and family . Till tomorrow I'm trying to see all my ppl and say goodbye 'til October. Here are some photos of the atmosphere of yesterday. First very  hot summer night with amazing cakes from Flert Cafe  and people... I wore my ripped jeans,pink short form New Yorker and sandals from Femisa.(Which and many others you can find here Femisa Shoes ).
I need to say thanks to my friend Lazar for taking photos of me even if he was tired (His work you can see here ZagoracStudio) ,and all the other photos in which I'm not on are taken by myself  :D I hope you will like them. 
...Let me know if you think I can do his work sometime :D

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