..And since I came to Malta I started taking photos, I love this islad, It reminds me a lot of Italy, small streets,crazy fast drivers ,gellatos everywhere , pizzas,only difference is that you can find here Turkish,Indian restaurants even Bulgarian, I never seen so many mixed coultures working and living together so good.

Not all the cities look as good as Valleta that is why I first present you this town. One BIG castle ans city inside ,beautiful streets , old houses ,and incredable view, and for us shoppoholichs ,one of good cities for that. I can find very nice wardrobe where ,relax in some of the restaurants on the street and listen a very picefull music of the street musicians .

 I wore:
Blouse - Koton
Hat- some store in the city
Sandals - Femisa

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  1. Hi Beba:)

    These photos are so beautiful and it sure looks like you are having an amazing time!
    I haven't been to Malta yet, but seeing these photos I would love to go!

    Looking amazing my dear and I love the hat and floral top on you, the back detailing is so pretty.

    xx Tamara Chloé

  2. Amazing pictures
    You look fabulous

    Love Vikee

  3. Hi Beba, thanks so much for your IFB message! I'm glad you found me, and that I have a chance to now follow your blog. Your photos in Malta are beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing more. =)

    I hope you have a great week!


  4. Wow beautiful place! Really nice pics and you look so perfect in that location! Great outfit!
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  5. lovely blog, have followed you on google plus and social media, please follow back

  6. The travel looks fun! The place is incredible. Also, your outfit looks lovely on you!

    Lil Miss Bianca

  7. thanks comments my blog...beautiful your blog :)
    new followed!!!

  8. The pictures are amazing!


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