Bridge of colors

Hello everyone!

One of many outfits which photos have been taken at night :D
Well when you don't go out as I for couple of days, or when u go out just like you've been kicked out of home to buy bread at first store, you must take photos when u actually look good, and that happened to me many times. I love clothes but it's not my routine to have makeup everytime when I go out, usually I just put sunglasses on. I love to look good by day, because people actually can see what are you wearing, that is not really a case at night, because clubs have that "clubs" lights and all we can see are faces of people but not their outfits. The truth is that I actually see what my friends wore when photos are published on the internet :D , or when they tell me to check out their outfit. 
This is my "going out with a friend " outfit when I talk as much as I can because I'm with a friend  who I adore, so even in that moments I don't check others ppl combinations (if they are not good as hell or bad, so it's just mission impossible to not see them). What do you usually pick for this kind of goign out? 
Do you think that girls should be wearing daily make up and not "ignore" it with sunglasses? 
How do you go out in daily walk aroud ?

I wore:
 Blazer- Bershka (find similar here)
sneakers- Convers
Bag- Glam up
Shirt - Green Light (find it here)

P.S. I bought this shirt in one store in Greece , I went many time in and always found something great , so it turns out they are not only one store who sells others clothes, they got their factories and collections so it is my honest opinion that you should see their web site, prices are very good and normal and qualitly of the clothes is amazing, s check them out ! 

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  1. Love coloured blazers and I love graphic t-shirts so your look gets a big thumbs up from me. In the sun I would usually go makeup free, especially if I'm wearing sunnies!

  2. Such a lovely colorful outfit Beba and I love that shirt.
    I usually wear make up in the daytime but I do not mind rushing out to the nearest grocery store with no makeup at all lol.
    I guess it just depends on my moods :)

    Have a great weekend!

    xx Tamara Chloé

  3. Lovely outfit!


Thank you for you time