Kinder, we all know why!

Being on diet, not eating sweets, running,dancing,exercising - yeap it is what all dolls do,buuut , when we get Kinder chocolate as a gift we can not ignore it, or I just can't. That sweet taste of milk chocolate melting in your mount is unforgettable and can't be compared with  taste of any other chocolate ...
I adore eating sweets but as many others prefer looking good than eating what I like,so just sometimes I give myself a break and eat some nice unhealthy things as chocolate :D My friend bought me a kinder egg which I can freely say we all used to eat as a children , so he bring me back to days when we couldn't wait for opening that chocolate egg and see what we have got inside , when we shook each egg in the store to guess what might be inside of it, I can say it was the best gift I recently got. We went to the river and set at banister to eat our Kinder eggs , I carefully open it not to destroy the packaging and divided the chocolate at two to see the toy, and there she was little brown cat and he got the bike.We continue our eating and then went home. I wont write now what I wore you can see it here ,but I will ask you to write me your opinion about the clothes as always because I'm always curious about what you think about it, so please be kind and write it. Thank you for reading and we will talk in the comments... :))

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  1. Amazing pictures
    You look beautiful

    Love Vikee

  2. Slatko, romanticno, zanimljivo:)) I predobre cipele:)))

  3. ajajaja nice post
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  4. I ja obozavam kinder cokoladu.. samo sto ja ju jedem redovno, ne mogu da se kontrolisem, haha :D

  5. Such a cute post, love Kinder :)
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    have a great day :)

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  7. great photos
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  8. great post:) love your denim bermudas:)
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