Hello guys,
As I said many times before I spend almost every free second on Malta shopping, but I always ended spending all my money in Zara.Wheter I start my shopping in Bershka or Stradivarius , in most situations I was endind it up entering Zara and going home with few bags full with their clothes. I started to be oppsesioned with their clothes esspecialy with their basic collections. I'm now a tipe of the girl who dress up with a rule : "Less is more" and I made my style mine with big jewerly or better to say necklace. When I first time started shopping alone I was buying colorfull interesting pieces which can be woren few times only because their were too showy and difficult to combine. That period last maybe a more then a year when I started knowing that simple pieces are way more stylish and better. Easy to be paired with many things and always looks different so people can not remember and bing that with you. It's way more economical ! Thats how I finally learned that basic collections are what I need the most in my wardrobe .

Then I started thinking how to make my outfits look stylish , and I found out - JEWERLY. Bigger or smaller , silver or gold pared with some belt and shoes is what rounds up everything and gives your own stamp to that outfit. 

This photos are taken few days ago when weather was still looking like not-ready-for-fall
 and in some days it turns up to a reall winter . We started wearing warm sweaters and me actually a coats . I can't take cold weather and I'm really frozen all the time so I skiped leather jacket and jump directly on coats and boots. .. :D

On this last "call it summer" photos I'm wearing whire Zara blouse I fell in love at first look, it pretty much looks like a skirt woren as a top :D but that crazy looks is what made me buy it at first place. I combine it with white Stradivarius ripped boyfriend (supposed to look like boyfriend but I put on some weight :D ) jeans and Stradivarious Heels. Oh.. that heels .. I was going to the cash with hands full with clothes (most for presents some for me) when I saw them. Last pair my size, I just bought them and  I tryed them at home, luckily they fited me great.
Also I'm here wearing New Yorker jacket , Koton necklace  and clutch.

How do you like it? How do you pick what are you going to buy?

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  1. Thanks for your comment, I follow you now! I like your outfits, it's inspiring :)
    x Viola

  2. Hi doll;)

    First of all you look amazing in these photos.
    My style has changed too. I only buy pieces that are versatile and can be worn over and over again.
    Just in a blue moon I will buy something flashy.
    I like it way better this way.
    It is so easy to style outfits this way.

    Btw thanks for joining my giveway and your blog looks great now!

    Kisses and happy weekend xx Tamara Chloé


    1. hey doll,I'm glad I joined giveway,can wait for results :D really amazing giveway and presents!
      thank you for visiting me and I'm so happy when I hear from such a amazing blogger that you approve my style. :D

  3. Pretty outfit!


  4. Thanks for your nice comment!:)
    You are so right about basics. I think they are much more useful as all this beautiful but too bright to wear it everyday-stuff. And jewerly is definitely a way to glam things up. Great post!:D
    I follow you now.
    Love, Seline

  5. Turquoise looks so good with white
    You look amazing
    Fabulous ensemble

    Love Vikee

  6. I envy all of your shopping Beba. So lucky! Flattering top. (:

    ♥ | www.connect-the-cloths.com | xoxo

  7. gorgeous! I love the top

    visit my blog for weekly trend inspiration boards


  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE this look!!! flawless


  9. Great outfit, kao i uvek ;)

  10. I like this outfit.



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