How bloggers earn

Blogging is great. For me its hobby, for some other people it is the main job, but the joy of sharing your thoughts with a word is same for all . And when people respond on your writes that is even better. You can find a lot of benefit in blogging. Free goods , publicity, and soul feeding . This is also a very hard job. Commitment to the blog must be big. You need to write about interesting topics , news and also make good quality photos. Today is all about visuality , people don't read a lot and you need to attract your readers with good photos at first place. 

The one very often question I 've been asked is "What do you earn from the blog ?". Well, I earn free goods as you all know and that is very nice. I work with some online companies and a few shops from my country . But the most worth for me is that I get my personal space for sharing my fashion taste.   
So to all the bloggers , don't try too hard to get a benefit, it will come with hard work . You only need to think about your photos and texts. Work with passion and success will come in no time .  
My last job was with Rosegal and I really glad that happened , They have amazing pieces . You can now find some coupons for discount → HERE because of double 11,  Thanksgiving Day,  Black Friday and Christmas. My first piece from Rosegal is this jacket on photos and it is beautiful. I really love its material and shape it is pretty cool ,right? 

I wore ROSEGAL jacket and New Yorker top 

Find their app HERE!

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  1. Odličan post, draga

    -Šehada xx

  2. Love your jacket so much!

  3. Interesting post and amazing pics!
    You look stunning beauty! :) ♥


  4. Lovely! I am trying to earn as a blogger and currently I am grateful to have been receiving some free clothes. I hope for this to expand into income as I want to blog as a career. Your jacket is lovely

  5. To me it's also a passion, not my main occupation.
    I do have various collaborations that bring me benefits like those you were mentioning in your story, but I actually have a corporate job that I go to every day and that pays my mortgage, and I write in my spare time outside corporate working hours.

    This jacket looks really great, and the photos are lovely.

    Have a great weekend!

    Xoxo, Victoria

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