How to make: Different "Baklava"

So, I started a new research about what are the topics your would like to read. I heard many of you like to read about  how to cook or prepare something , how to wear some piece in few ways , the review of cosmetics products. I will make this new labels for you . This one had the most votes ,so let's see how it is made. I  will post this label on weekends because the most of us are home during weekend and cheating day are usually Sunday and Saturday (also mine I choose Sunday too :)) so let's enjoy homemade desserts .

On the menu of this Saturday is , changed Turkish dessert "Baklava" . Very ,very tasty and soft cake.

How it is made :

1. ingredients


pie crusts

ground nuts

Mix of : eggs , sugar ,semolina 

2.start making layers : 

When you are done with layers and you are out of ingredients , dissolve the sugar in a small bowl. Add a water on sugar and keep it on fire until all the sugar dissolves . After it is done , pour it over cake. Bake it on 200° Celsius for 45 min.

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