Panton's color of the year : Green

Every year since 2000, the company has chosen a color that reflects the current cultural climate. In the following year, the color has historically influenced trends in all facets of design—architecture, interior décor, fashion, food, travel—the list goes on.
Greenery signifies beginnings: a fresh New Year; healthier food resolutions and growing vegetarian trends; grass and the outdoors during spring and summer.Therefore I found myself first green piece I'm gonna wear this year - Bag. Solid green-printed bag from Zaful will be my new favorite piece for this year.
Greenery is not a “green with envy” hue, unlike 2013’s color of the year, Emerald, which symbolized luxury. Greenery actually taps into the opposite: minimalism. Pressman referred to a motto by fashion designer Vivienne Westwood that partly inspired Pantone to choose Greenery: “Buy less, choose well, make it last”—a concept that also influenced one of Westwood's collections. Pressman additionally cited how companies such as H&M have started environmentally-friendly lines, often made with recycled materials.

[ I wore:
Coat - my own design
Bag - Zaful
Jeans - H&M
Boots - Femisa ]

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