Is a beard sign of masculinity?

Easter women are known as women how like men with big beard. Some of my best friends have boyfriends with a beautiful beard. Even in the old time, people use to speak that men with big beards are strong and manly. Especially Turkish men are known for the big mustache! Tall, hairy, and tan were three adjectives who conjured them.

Lovely Beards : ˝A well-groomed beard is more than just a sign of rugged manliness. It creates a signature look and can even mean the difference between securing your next promotion. To ensure that your beard maintains a well-manicured look, you need to know where to buy beard balm.  Lovely Beards line offers the best beard balm for newcomers and aficionados.˝ 

 I am personally quite modern and love the baby face, not hairy men.
But, for those of you who live hairy men, I would like to recommend the online store my beard friends told me good words about.  is a professional store with sells products for the care of the beard. The very attractive website and cool products are to speak about. 
You can check their oils of balms for you man. Not only his beard will look nicer and softer, it will also smell beautiful. Some of my favorite smells are Mint, Vanilla, and Mandarine.

Check their oils here 
(click on the bottle)

Or their Balms
(click on the pack)

What type of the women are you? Is your man hairy or not? And my dear men, what do you use for your beard if you have it?

Hope to read your opinion soon in comments :)

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  2. Thanks for the advice!! I love bearded men, so this will come in handy :)



  3. I also appreciate "the clean look", I'm not into bearded men. :)
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