Red flowers in 3D

These days everyone wears some embroidered jeans of jackets. So I came to an idea of making one for myself. After buying a jacket I started searching for patches but then I came across this beautiful red flowers! They look just so amazing. I'm still looking for patches and prints to add on this jacket but I think, even with this 3 flowers and necklace looks pretty cool. What do you think?

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  1. I love it and it makes the jacket unique to you! x

    Ellé |

  2. Odlično si ovo izvela, svaka čast na ideji! :D

  3. Divno izgleda. Jakna je baš dobra!

  4. great post, I very like your jacket :)

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  5. I have very similar shoes, just got them yesterday, love the whole look.

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  6. These red high heel sandals are incredible!
    xo Cristina


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