8 Activities To Add To Your Bucket List Today

If you want to try a ton of fun activities in your lifetime, it makes sense to make a bucket list. The best way to do this is to research other awesome lists and activities to get ideas. To help you get started, here are our top bucket list activities you might want to try.
1.    Go for a hot air balloon ride (or a scenic flight in a fighter aircraft).
If you’re afraid of heights but love the idea of floating atop the scenery, get over your fear and hop aboard a hot air balloon ride. It’s fun, romantic and a really unique way to get a whole new perspective on life. If you fancy something more exhilarating, try the various seasonal scenic flights on offer and experience the thrill of being in a fighter aircraft.
2.    Try dog sledding.
Instead of despising colder months and snow, embrace it all by jumping into some fun winter activities. Dog sledding is a great way to take a journey through your chosen winter wonderland in a seriously exciting and olden-day way.
3.    Take a solo trip.
Instead of just going off on your travels this year, try taking a trip alone. You’ll be surprised at just how much of the world it will open you up to, and how well you’ll get to know yourself.
4.    Have a go at snow shoeing.
You’ve probably seen those massive things that look like tennis rackets that go on your feet. Well, snow shoes are a great way to hike right on top of squishy, glorious snow.
5.    Go to a national park.
The world is full of fantastical, wonderous national parks. Take a visit to one or two, stay overnight and soak up all the natural beauty in our world.
6.    Be an extra in a movie.
While you may always have dreamed about being the next Nicolas Cage or Selma Hayek, appearing in a film is brag-worthy no matter who you are. So, why not sign up to be an extra and see if you get the call back? You might even make a little extra money doing it.
7.    Visit the Grand Canyon.
Most people who visit the Grand Canyon for the first time are left bewildered and speechless. It’s not a lack of words that’s a problem, though. It’s the sheer fact that the canyon is so deep and so vast that the vista stretches way beyond your line of vision. A visit to this incredible Canyon is guaranteed to push you out of your comfort zone and drop you back a changed person – all for the good, of course.
8.    Sail the Whitsundays in Australia.
Hop aboard a sailboat among the Whitsunday Islands in Australia. It may feel like a bout of déjà vu when you do, but that’s because this gorgeous setting is the stuff all your dreams are made of. It’s the idyllic tropical backdrop complete with ivory sands and turquoise seas amidst divine green foliage. And, once you come to terms with all of the, take a dive into the surrounding water and literally soak up the sensations.

What’s on your bucket list?

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