Flat shoes or high heels?

Today I walked for 10 km in heels and I thought how many girls do this? Are we all addicted to heels and we can not just find the perfect comfortable flats in which we will still be stylish and feel good?
So I opened the web and googled comfortable flats for work to see what I will find.
I found Oxfords in many colours and different designs.Most often they can be found with feathers and a thick sole. The sole can have a heel with hight 4 or 5cm. The other popular design is a 7 or 8cm high platform. They look very good but they are not so comfortable as they seem to be.
I am a huge fan of pointed toe flats because the look more elegant and they make legs look longer than they really are. They are perfect for skinny jeans, denim skirt or A-shape dress. 

If you can not decide which color you need I suggest you to buy black pointed toe flats, because they can be worn every single day :)

What do you wear every day?

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