Get dressed for less than 100$

When it comes to outfits, we all love sometimes to "steal" ideas from celebrities. But when we google their pieces, the prices are - well not so affordable. So I made the whole outfit, very similar to the one you can see upward for less than 100$, Where? Well, all look can be found on Shein!

Price 24$
 Two-tone leather pants are popular but rare piece in the store. Sure you can find simple,black leather pants but I picked these to upgrade the look.

You can find them here → 

Price 10$
You already have some T-shirt in your closet you can combine with leather pants, but wink eye print is so adorable and it just has to be found on this list.

Find the shirt → HERE 

Price 36$
Metal beaded details on these shoes are such an amazing thing that really goes great with leather pants! The heel is 11cm high and it will make your legs look stunning. (Find them HERE)

The second part of each outfit is accessories!  Usually, when I put the complete outfit on, I try to find the bag and jewellery which will open that outfit. Here is my suggestion. 

These two pieces are together 20$ which is more affordable. You can find sunnies as 

Price 11$
Price 9$

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