How The Cabin Classes Differ On Trans-Siberian Trains

When booking your Trans-Siberian tour, you will either have to opt with first class or second class. Depending on your budget and the type of experience you want to take away from your trip, it’s good to explore your options.

There are various classes on board the train and the highest quality trains will have the happiest medium. The main things you need to decide upon booking are which class you prefer and how it corresponds to various timetables. If you are still searching for a high quality train, try searching on There you will discover various tours that you can choose from.

Firstly though, let’s look at the differentiating factors between first and second class. This way, you know what you’re getting before you book anything.

First And Second Cabin Classes

There is a commonality between most trains that run along several routes of the Trans-Siberian line. The second class will have four berths and the first class cabins will only have two. This is the main distinction between the two as the window sizes and inside aesthetics will generally be the same. Then, the main differences will be in terms of amenities, services and what is available on board.  

Whilst all cabins are clean and comfortable, first class for example might have en-suites with TVs fitted with DVD players. They may also have more options available on the menu when choosing to eat and even have live entertainment on board some evenings.

This means it depends mainly on the type of experience you want to have if your budget allows it. As the journey is a long one, many customers opt with the first class option and ride in luxury. You should also get more storage space for your luggage when upgrading too which is another handy benefit.

But if you are okay with a reasonable amount of space for luggage and clean but simple bedding, you should be fine with second class. You will have a basic, no-frills shower that is generally shared between two cabins. The couch will be small but will be comfortable enough for the trip.

Considering The Type Of Train You Are Going On

What may also influence your choice of cabin is the type of train you choose. There are the following options:

Ø  Fast trains The fast trains have a higher comfort level and will normally only make a few stops to the main cities that are most popular with tourists. They will also have a more reasonable departure and arrival time so it’s easier to arrange your plans.
Ø  Passenger train - This type of train travels at a slower pace and will make multiple stops along the way to pick up regular commuters.
Ø  Speed train This is one of the fastest options and features the most comfortable interiors. Designed more for those doing the entire journey, there are only certain routes available. Also, cabins are complete with TVs and nice seating for extra comfort.

Depending on which one you go for, youll know what level of comfort and ultimately which cabin you choose to book. 

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