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When I went shopping some new pants a few days ago, I saw new, spring collections in every single shop window. Flower prints, ribbons, lace and plaid prints covered each part of shops. The most common colours are red, light grey, deep blue, ultra violet, banana yellow, lime yellow, and few nudes. Since I am a pretty big fan of online shopping, I opened Zaful to see what they got. The first page is mostly covered with swimwears but since the summer is too far away and I am still not thinking about seaside I started looking for dresses. Again turquoise dress here is something like "must have"for a beach. It will cover your wet swimwear and it will not attract too much sunshine.It is unfortunately still "not on the menu", so I started exploring something I will actually need before warm, summer days come.
I found lace dress under the section "a line cocktail dress" which I consider as a good investment. It has V neckline and it is cut at the waist which will make your body looks good in it. I love the idea of black lace over the white satin.

This dress will make your legs look longer. It is very simple to combine and it looks very elegant.It will look the best with simple black or nude high heel sandals. I suggest the black clutch with it. This dress is great for date night, for the party or any other occasion which requires more sophisticated clothing. After more searching, I saw embroidery print is still IN. At first, I was not such a big fan of the embroidery. Too many flowers on jeans, pants, skirts and all kind of tops were such a not good idea. But then I found mesh blouse with flowers and thought why not to give a chance to this trend. I fell in love with my new embroidery top and started buying more and more embroidery pieces.   This time it appears on zaful two piece dresses even more cute than last summer. The embroidery print is again mostly on a mesh but it can still be found on bottoms. 

All these two-piece dresses usually include crop tops which can be nice but inconvenient for those how hadn't really work out during winter. But these cute pieces deserve to be in a closet. 

So Zaful got many new trends for this summer, do you wanna hear more about it? 
Let me know and I will write if you say YES :)

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