6 Essential Tips When Buying Men's Wedding Rings

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Whether you’re a groom to be or a bride to be, it’s no secret that looking for a wedding band or ring can comewith a variety of challenges and considerations. This is especially true when buying for men since not many are keen at wearing jewellery in the first place. 

But fret no more as we try to give you a comprehensive guide to buying men’s wedding rings. Check out the following tips:

1. Set a budget.

Whether you’re planning a simple celebration or a lavish one, weddings are not ever going to come cheap. Everything that comes with the ceremony, from the venue and food to the wedding dress and wedding rings, you’ll have to set a budget that you can work with. Once you have determined your budget for the wedding rings, then you can decide on the specifics of the rings you wouldlike to wear for the rest of your life.

2. Knowhis ring size.

The sizes matter, especially if you are working on a tight budget as you would not want to spend extra on resizing services. Whether you’re planning to buy readily available rings or are going for custom wedding rings, you need to know your ring size.

Here’s a tip when measuring his ring size, doit when the hands are at room temperature. The fingers can swell up when the temperature is high and may be slimmer when the temperature is low. Also, when you find that your man’s ring size comes in between 2 sizes, choose the bigger size. A smaller size will be tight and uncomfortable to wear, and we’re sure you’d want your man to wear the wedding band for the rest of your life together.

3. Choose the metal.

The metal that you choose for the wedding band will influence the cost, durability, maintenance, and overall aesthetics of the ring.For example, platinum is rare and considered to be very durable, which means platinum ringscan be more expensive than others. If you want a luxurious wedding band fit for royalty, you can choose from a wide array of men’s platinum wedding rings. But, you can also opt for other precious metals such as gold (white, yellow, or rose), silver, and palladium.

4. Choose the profile.

There are many wedding ring profiles that you can choose from, and just like the size of the ring, finding the right ring profile will ensurecomfort. The classic court style wedding band is one of the most popularchoices for ring profiles as its rounded features make it comfortable to wear. Second in popularity is the D-Shaped profile, which has several similar features to the classic courtstyle. The D-Shape profile has a rounded exterior and flat interior, just like the letter D. Other profiles to choose from are concave, double comfort, flat, flat court, flat-sided court, and halo.

5. Choose the right width.

The width of the wedding ring is also an essential consideration. Most men’s wedding bands range between 5mm to 7mm in width. One tip for people with finger sizes 9.0 under, go for the6mm width so that the wedding band doesnot overwhelm the fingers. Give different widths a try when you shop for the rings, so you know which suits him best.

6. Choose a style.

Finally, make sure to choose a style that reflects your man’s personality and goes well with his lifestyle since he will be wearing it every day for the rest of his life. Whether he wants a plain, matte, polished, or gem-encrusted ring, make sure to consider his preference.

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