A Guide To Caring For Nomination Jewellery

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Nomination bracelets and charms make for a very attractive fashion accessory, with many hand-painted enamel designs to choose from, you can build your very own collection of stylish pieces that come together to form an elegant bracelet. Once you are the proud owner of such a quality bracelet, correct care is something to be taken seriously, and with that in mind, here are some essential tips to ensuring that your Nomination jewellery remains in pristine condition.

ü  The Right Jewellery Box – This is a crucial component of proper jewellery care, especially the delicate Nomination bracelets and charms for women that are so popular today. Look for a box that has many small compartments, which will keep the charms separate, and the bracelet itself should have a felt bag for storage. You can also buy soft felt pouches, in which you can individually store your charms, ensuring they never make contact with anything metal.

ü  Cleaning – Nomination use only the very best hypo-allergenic sterling silver and the best way to keep it clean is with soft, clean cloth. Sterling silver is quite malleable, and therefore, it should not come in contact with anything hard. If you wear your Nomination bracelet on a daily basis, then immerse it in some warm, soapy water for 10-15 minutes, making sure to thoroughly dry the items with a clean cotton cloth. This will remove all the dirt and grime that gathers between the links, and due to the nature of the enamel painted surface, avoid using any chemicals.  If you would like some further reading on how to clean jewellery, there are useful articles on the topic available online.

ü  Caring for Enamel Surfaces – Many of the Nomination charms are intricately hand-painted with enamel, which can scratch very easily. When you are wearing the bracelet, try to avoid knocking anything hard. If you view your Nomination bracelet as you would an antique watch, you will take care of it. If you like to indulge in some serious physical activity, the Nomination items should be safely stored in your jewellery box, where they can come to no harm. Failing that, find a suitably sized wristband that completely covers the bracelet, and then you can relax, knowing it will not be damaged.

ü  Purchasing Nomination Jewellery – When you want to add to your collection, there are many reputable online jewellers that offer Nomination jewellery, and at lower than retail prices, there are fabulous deals to be found. Of course, the items would be well-packed and would reach you in pristine condition, and once in your possession, the greatest of care will ensure that your Nomination items always look flawless.

Nomination is an Italian company that creates stunning jewellery, and the founder, Paolo Gensini had his heart set on creating the perfect bracelet that suits everyone. After 30 years in the industry, the company has carved a global reputation for stunning design and very high quality. Like any other delicate items, Nomination charms do require a high level of care. If you bear in mind all of the above, your Nomination items will always look flawless.

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