Dress your children as if they were French

A lot has been written about the art of dressing like a French woman, that seemingly insouciant, understated, undone approach to style. But have you ever stopped to notice how adept Parisienne women are at dressing their children, who always look perfectly styled, but never overdone?

Books have been written about how and why French children are so much better behaved compared to our own, but rarely has the subject of their impeccable style been broached. While you seldom see a Gallic child dressed like a grown-up, they look is an extension of their chic mothers.

The most important thing is to avoid dressing girls in pink and boys in blue. An online childrenswear store Popreal is selling a mix of luxury and high street brands.

You can mix and match brands to create the style that best suits your children according to their personality.

It’s important to invest in quality outerwear in winter - a down and feather jacket (not synthetic) or a wool coat. You can use Cyber Monday kids outerwear to shop the items at a better price. 

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French children follow their parents, not just fashion trends. But if you really want to buy something trendy you can also buy girls clothing set to have it on occasions you don't really know how to dress her.

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