Romantic Dusk Weddings

On-trend and modern, Dusk is a go-to choice for demure bridal parties with its effortless aesthetic. Dusk is especially beautiful when paired with warmer hues, such as coral or copper, and is stunning is billowy chiffon styles.  Here are top 3 reasons for choosing a late afternoon ceremony for your wedding:

1. More time to prepare

Dusk is the ideal time to wedding as you have almost the entire day to get yourself ready! There’s no rushing around to get ready for a late morning ceremony, starting your hair and makeup when it’s barely breakfast-time, but instead a leisurely day of laid back preparations allowing you to avoid last minute panics.

2. Romantic Dusk Ceremony

We love dusk as it’s probably the most magical moment of the day. That fleeting time between daylight and nightfall when the light is truly special and it captures the essence of a summer day. If it’s a hot day, the temperatures will have lowered by sun fall, meaning you’re not trapped in a stunning ballgown dress, getting hot and uncomfortable with every passing minute.

3. Perfect dusk bridesmaid dresses

Dusk is amazing time for picking long, elegant bridesmaid dress. You can choose between sequin, satin and lace. When it comes to colours, burgundy, dark-blue and red are perfect! Bmbridal have an amazing choice!

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