Floral summer dress

A floral dress in the spring and summer months is an indispensable piece. This may not be your first choice and you will consider it a cliché, but these dresses look very feminine and easy to style. The good thing about them is that you can wear them next year too by layering a blazer over them or adding an interesting belt. Belting last season's dress can create a new shape or make a maxi read as a midi. A thinner style worn at the natural waist tends to be the easiest (and most comfortable), but a wide style sitting near the hips has the same effect. 
Chunky, still-trending dad sneakers add a street-style vibe that instantly makes a dress purchased five years ago feel new. To keep the heavy shoe from being too overpowering, keep this trick for mini or calf-length hemlines.
I bought new, green dress with floral print this year with plans to wear it in the next seasons too. Midi, split and retro, found it on alisapan.com for only 26$, do you like it?

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